Xlibris International Expands into the New Zealand

Opening the Door to Authors around the World to Publish in Paperback, Hardcover, Electronic, or Elegant Leather Bound Format and Cementing Their Reputation as the Global Leader in Self-Publishing.


Xlibris Book Publishing Company, the global leader in self publishing announced their expansion into the UK, Australian and New Zealand markets today with new, digital friendly publishing services.

Xlibris has nurtured relationships with worldwide leaders in the industry and has initiated the launch of alliances with industry-leading digital content portals giving its titles worldwide availability in both print and digital format. The addition of publishing in the ePub format to its entire line of Black & White Publishing Services will enable the independent publishing giant to dominate the online digital publishing market by producing digital versions of all new titles it publishes – and converting tens of thousands from its list of already published titles.

By utilizing its established relationships, these titles will be available worldwide through several popular e-readers and e-channels as well as the traditional book printers and distributors. With the help of the Sony e-Book Store, Amazon’s Kindle eBook Store, and the possibility of distribution through the Apple iStore, thousands of Xlibris titles will be available in a myriad of formats to reach every reader around the world.

“Xlibris leads the world in new titles brought to market. We will convert every new title and tens of thousands from our backlist into digital formats and make them available through the leading digital content portals. We believe as our self-publishing business continues to accelerate, we will become the world’s largest publisher of original digital content,” said Kevin Weiss, president and chief executive officer.

By being at the forefront of digital publishing, and combined with their expansion into the UK, Australian and New Zealand publishing markets, Xlibris has truly cemented their place as the global leader in the rapidly growing self-publishing industry.

In September, Xlibris launched the Podcast Marketing Service. This new and exciting marketing tool gives authors the opportunity to reach more readers through recorded interviews made accessible on podcast portals like iTunes.

For more information about Xlibris Book Publishing; log onto its US Website at http://www.xlibris.com, UK Website at http://www.xlibrispublishing.co.uk, Australia Website http://www.xlibris.com.au, New Zealand Website http://www.xlibris.co.nz or call  1-888-795-4274 (US);  0800 056 3182 (UK); 1800 455 039 (Au); 0800-443-678 (NZ)

About Xlibris

Xlibris is one of the pioneers in the self-publishing industry, and still leads the way today. Based in Bloomington, IN, and with local offices around the world, Xlibris has helped more than 20,000 authors publish over 25,000 titles, and this number increases daily. Xlibris provides authors with direct and personal access to quality publication in hardcover, paperback, electronic, full-color and leather-bound formats.

For more information, visit http://www.xlibris.com, e-mail publishtoday@xlibris.com or call at 1-888-795-4247 to receive your free publishing guide.


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Book-to-Screen PitchFest Las Vegas 2014

Purchase Deadline: Jan. 17, 2014

Imagine a weekend spent pitching your book face-to-face with professional film and television representatives at the Monte Carlo hotel in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. Now, you can make that dream a reality. Author Solutions is hosting a premier event where you can learn how to pitch your book’s movie and television potential to entertainment representatives and then have the chance to actually do it!

What you get:

  • Welcome Reception — Friday, Feb. 7, 2014. Held at the luxurious Monte Carlo hotel in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, you’ll meet Hollywood producer and “King of the Pitch” Robert Kosberg and senior vice president of marketing at Author Solutions, Keith Ogorek. You’ll also have the chance to mingle with fellow authors.
  • How-to-Pitch Workshop with Group Learning — Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014 (Morning). Robert Kosberg will teach you how to pitch your book. You’ll then break into groups and fine tune your approach face-to-face with your group leader.
  • Speed-Pitch — Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014 (Afternoon). In a “speed dating” setting, you’ll pitch your idea to representatives from a variety of entertainment companies, all of whom are there hoping to discover the next great book that they can adapt for the screen.
  • Writers Guild of America Idea Registration — We’ll register your book with the WGA to protect your unique concept.*
  • Opportunity to Pitch to Tom Jacobson — If your pitch is voted one of the top two favorites of the event, we’ll arrange a video conference for you to pitch your idea directly to Tom Jacobson for consideration with his production company. Learn more about Tom Jacobson >>

What to expect at the Book-to-Screen PitchFest:

Prepare. Approximately one month prior to the event, you’ll receive a pre-event assignment that will help you develop and jumpstart the first draft of your pitch.

Welcome. On Friday, Feb. 7, you will meet onsite at the luxurious Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas.** You’ll be introduced to Robert Kosberg, known in Hollywood as one of the best idea men and producers in the business. You’ll also meet Keith Ogorek, senior vice president of marketing for Author Solutions.

Learn. On Saturday, Feb. 8, breakfast will be served prior to Kosberg’s “How-to-Pitch Your Book” presentation and workshop. You’ll learn practical pitching methods with step-by-step processes outlined by Kosberg.

Practice. At the end of Kosberg’s workshop, you will participate in the group Pitch Practice and will present to your group leader. Your group leader will provide tips to improve and perfect your strategy. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from the feedback given to others.

Pitch. Lunch will be provided after your practice session. Following the lunch break, you will meet with representatives from a variety of agencies, studios, management, production and theatre companies at the Speed Pitch. You will present your rehearsed and refined pitch for approximately two minutes per company represented. If a rep is interested in your pitch, you will be informed a few weeks after the event that they’d like to read your book and/or schedule a follow-up meeting.

Opportunity. The entertainment representatives will vote on the top two pitches of the day. The selected authors will be given an exclusive opportunity to pitch via video conference to Tom Jacobson. After the event, we’ll schedule a video conference for you to deliver your idea directly to Tom Jacobson. Learn more about Tom Jacobson »

Wrap up. Kosberg will lead a closing review session to conclude the conference.

Feedback. Approximately two weeks after the conference, we will send you a feedback packet regarding how the various representatives responded to your pitch.

*Registering your work does not disallow others from having a similar storyline or theme. Rather, registering your work would potentially discourage others from using your work without your permission. Though the registry cannot prevent plagiarism, it can produce the registered material as well as confirm the date of registration. Registering your work creates legal evidence for the material that establishes a date for the material’s existence. Registration is good for five years.

**Author is responsible for the cost and arrangement of travel expenses, hotel, etc. In association with this event, you can get discounted rate per night on hotel rooms at the Monte Carlo for a limited time. Our Events Team will contact you with the details of how to get the discounted price.

Please note: It is solely at the discretion of the producers, agents, executives, etc., as to whether or not they are interested in authors’ pitch ideas, and they are under no obligation to pursue authors’ materials.

Learn about the success authors have experienced at PitchFest »

About Robert Kosberg

With years of experience, Kosberg has sold more than 50 feature film projects and currently has more than a dozen movies in active development at various studios. Kosberg’s credits as a producer include 12 Monkeys and Commando for 20th Century Fox. Kosberg currently has numerous feature projects set up at various studios involving top stars and directors such as Ben Stiller, Katherine Heigl, Todd Phillips, Shawn Levy and more. He recently produced My One and Only, starring Renee Zellweger. Kosberg is frequently invited to host pitch seminars all over the world. His unique background has led to extensive profiles on his life by numerous national media outlets including GQ, LA Times, London Times, Details, The Adam Corolla Show, LA Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.

Quick Facts | Book-to-Screen PitchFest Las Vegas 2014

Are you ready to show Hollywood what you and your book are made of? Don’t miss out on this glamorous opportunity to launch your book into the limelight. There are only 150 spots available, and spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call your Xlibris representative at 0800-443-678 to claim your spot today.

Original post via Xlibris Book Publishing NZ http://www.xlibris.co.nz/Book-to-Screen-PitchFest-Las-Vegas-2014.aspx

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